Chael Sonnen and Bisping for epic tuf season!

This really needs to happen!!! Dana.....make it so!!!!

I don't think Chael would have the balls to do TUF now

...get it....get it

ttt for this

 Bisping is no match for Chael in anything.............

i swear it's in one ear and out the other with some people.

Kizer already specifically smashed that whole deal.

Chael Sonnen's recent suspension handed down from the California State Athletic Commission prevents him from fighting until after March 2, 2011, but it may also keep him from coaching on the next season of the "Ultimate Fighter."

The Team Quest fighter was suspended earlier in December for six months stemming from a failed drug test after his August fight against Anderson Silva. The suspension was reduced from one year to six months, which would end in March next year.

As far as fighting goes, Sonnen will then re-apply for a license to be able to compete again.

Sonnen has also been rumored to be a leading candidate to take over the coaching duties for the 13th season of the "Ultimate Fighter" reality show opposite Wanderlei Silva. Filming is expected to begin in early 2011, but it wouldn't happen without approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, tells that Sonnen would have to apply first and the commission would have to approve his license to coach on the show.

"He would need a second's license from the Commission," Kizer wrote in an e-mail to "If he applies for such a license, his application would be placed on a Commission agenda for hearing and decision."

As of now, Sonnen has not applied for such a license, but UFC president Dana White has already stated that he would not decide on who would coach the show for at least a few more days.

and kizer is VERY pissed off at chael for lying about conversations he said they had, which never happened, and he made it pretty clear that chael would have to sit in front of them and answer as to why he lied, etc etc.

kizer will no way approve it, and since he oversees the show he has the power.


He said that if Sonnen, whose license in Nevada expires at the end of the year, wants to get licensed to fight in 2011 after his California suspension expires, he won't get the usual administrative approval. He said that Sonnen is going to have to go before the commission, explain why he made the statements about Kizer and him talking, explain why he claimed he had used testosterone since 2008 but never listed it on his forms, as well as how he would have passed the tests...

Regarding any rumors of Sonnen as a coach of the next season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show, I don't even know if there would be anything to those rumors, because the timing wouldn't be good. Even if UFC wanted it, there would be licensing issues. The season starts in February. TUF coaches have to get second's licenses because the show is filmed in Las Vegas. Sonnen is on suspension in California through March and Nevada recognizes that suspension. Sonnen would have to get specific commission approval to get the second's license and the his suspension in California not having ended would play a part in the hearing he'd have to go through. There is no hard and fast rule like he couldn't be a second because of a suspension in another state as a fighter, but it would not be a rubber stamp procedure either.

not gonna happen 

chesty_1775 -  Bisping is no match for Chael in anything.............