Chael Sonnen - BadBreed Interview.

This guy comes off as being ultra cocky, I wonder if he's serious, or kidding? Check it out:Click the logo

"Q. Toughest opponent Trevor Prangley, Akihiro Gono, Forrest Griffin?
A. Those three jokers aren't even in the top 5. Jason Miller is the toughest opponent I have ever fought."

lol Prangley made him scream out in pain with a tight armbar, and Griffen put him to sleep.


"Q. How long have you been with Team Quest?
A. Since their doors opened about 2 years ago."He's been there at least three and a half years.


at least he didnt claim his Babalu fight

The Babalu fight was a loss for Chael, it was only announced as a win because they were following a phoney script (in place to fool the commission).

Yeah, injuries financially kill fighters too. A lot of people do not know that most MMA fighters have to pay medical expenses out of their own pockets.

"Is he even on the TQFC.COM site?"They're switching over to's a picture from that site, taken at least three years ago at Team Quest's old gym.

Chael is a good guy, when I stopped up at Team quest last year he always took time to come and talk to me or help me out with stuff when I saw him in Team practice.

Marketing 101 guys

ttt TQ

"Jacob, that's all cool and everything, but those comments were crazy."

I agree.

I wasn't trying to say otherwise.

I'm sure he's just trying to get talked about(and here we are talking about him).



Hummmm, This guy sounds like he is small on humility.
Am I right?