Chael Sonnen doesn't have a nick name.............

Chael "The Antidote" Sonnen?

Chael "The Holy Grail" Sonnen

 "Captain America"

Mc6pack - Chael "The Holy Grail" Sonnen

Great suggestion!

Another good'n would be,

Chael "The Alpha Male" Sonnen

Chael "SuperTroll" Sonnen

Chael "Relentless" Sonnen

it's morons like this that lead people to despise fighters. just ask the UK krew.

Chael "Hoedown" Sonnen

Chael "It sounds like I'm plugging my nose when I speak" Sonnen

Chael Sonnen (R)

Chael "End of "Easy Rider" was a good ending" Sonnen

In fact that end scene of easy rider would be great for could put in Lesnar, Hughes, Lindland, Sonnen....any combo of 2 would work

He used to call himself the Fastest White Man Alive

He doesn't need a nickname.

His name is cool enough

chael "the republican" sonnen

WickedWonder - Chael "Hoedown" Sonnen

 +1  how could it be anything else after that incredible interview?

LMFAO - chael "the republican" sonnen


Knas, i was too late!

I think "The Republican" works well

'The Blanket'