Chael Sonnen has a Fan Club in Brazil (translated)

I did a fast translation, enjoy:


  Much has been talked in the last days about Sonnen's security on a possible fight in Brazil. Now that Anderson's number 1 rival has won a new chance to fight for the belt against the brazilian, Sao Paulo autorities can start to think about the problem. But not everybody that lives in Brazil dislikes the american. Quite the contrary. The UFC's joker even has a Fan Club with their own t-shirt and they will be at the event.

  Created in october of 2011 by the 40yo librarian Luciana Tavares, the "FC Chael Sonnen Brasil" lives in a blog on the internet. Administrated by two other guys, the blog has an average of 300 hits daily. Luciana says that it wasn't only the admiration for the controversial fighter that led her to create the fan club:

  - We created the Fan Club for two reasons: First, because we like him. And second, we don't like Anderson because of his arrogance, his cockyness, his fake humble persona. He (Anderson) has an attitude that is not of a real champion.

The idea of the "Team Sonnen" t-shirt came after Sonnen posted on twitter calling his fans to dress the shirt of his team. The t-shirt can be acquired on the blog. Luciana has even talked to Sonnen via internet chat. Who made the bridge between them was the president of the american fan club that found out about the blog and contacted her. She believes that Sonnen has the gift of speech.

- Everything that he says, even if it sounds crazy, has a lot of sense in it. He is not ignorant, he knows what he is doing. He has the gift of speech. When he comes here is going to be crazy. Even the media loves him. I don't think he is crazy, i think he is very smart.

A fan of the soccer team Santos, Luciana says that the Fan Club has nothing to do with the fact that Sonnen has declared himself a fan of Palmeiras. To provoke Anderson, he has dressed a Palmeiras jersey and hit a doll dressed with a Corinthians jersey, Palmeiras biggest rival and Anderson's team. But the fan club has already received death threats:

- We have a lot of fun with the people reaction. They have even sent death threats to us. There are girls that love him because he is very handsome, but i'm just a fan, i'm married, i have a daughter (laughs).

The fan club is already getting together to watch the fight that will probably take place in Sao Paulo, in a Soccer Stadium. Luciana and friends expect to see the American win the fight this time. In the first fight, Sonnen dominated but was submited in the end of the fifth round. The rematch is one of the most antecipated fights in the recent history of MMA."


I hope this lady knows what she's doing. 300 hits per day in a country with how many million?! The boy from "The Shining" kept ringing in my head while reading this.. RedruM!

I'm on Chaels side too btw Phone Post

lol so he has nothing to worry about but yet even the fan club she created for him gets death threats?

 Fantastic.   There will be a huge section of that stadium all wearing the same Team Chael shirt.  If I decide to go, I'm sitting with them.  

5 members of Chael's Brazilian fan club vs 19,995 real Brazilians. Yep.

300 hits a day, better upgrade that hosting plan.

death threats? lol @ Brazil what a shithole

You never hear of people in American getting death threats.

Darup - death threats? lol @ Brazil what a shithole

seeing how dumb you are, i say that your head is a shithole.

Kneeblock -  Obviously a group of Playboys.

lol, yes.

The whole premise of this Chael fanclub is hypocritical and seems like a hispter-ish/attention seeking effort. Silva is a horrible human being and doesn't have "the attitude of a champion" but Chael Sonnen is who they choose to admire? Yes, Chael is a troll and is universely considered a friendly, pleasant guy when he's out of character but he's a convicted felon who lied about his steroid use/"exemption", is guilty of real estate fraud (also a snitch), attempted a kneebar on Munoz in wrestling (not above cheating) and fake taps to try to get out of submissions. Actions speak louder than words and all signs point to him being a slimy guy.

The worst you could say about Silva is that he disrespected Maia in Abu Dhabi but the whole "he's fake" thing is stupid speculation based off of just about nothing just like Jones. I've never heard of anyone who's actually MET Silva (fan, associate or otherwise) say he's a douche or disingenous (similair to Chael) and he's done NOTHING illegal or questionable outside of taunting Maia. People in the business (like Marcelo Alonso) say he's a phenomenally nice/modest guy who just occasionally doesn't choose his words wisely when presenting himself to the public.

ttt thanks NG

Got to love the ignorant people in this thread bashing a country because of a couple of idiots. Phone Post

Glovegate - Death threats for a fan club devoted to a pro fighter...

Stay classy, Brazil.


Didn't CRE move to Brasil?

 300 hits a day is like 40% of the internet traffic in Brazil