Chael Sonnen is a Terrific Color Man

All this talk we've had about who could/should replace Rogan in UFC when he inevitably calls it quits. It's too bad Chael is under contract with Bellator because he's crushing it right now on the Bellator 172 show. This guy is a natural talker. His podcast can be great at times too.

I agree he is very good

It's been a pleasure hearing him in the booth. Good banter between the two. 

Dude is just a natural, never understood why he is wasting his time in MMA. Seems like he should parlay his charisma into big sales.

Chael is killing it.


And he could have been the Celebrity Apprentice too! 

Listening now. Chael is incredible. It factor, intangibles, experienced with over 20+ years in combat sports.