Chael Sonnen on OTR tonight

As thread title says Chael on OTR tonight I look forward to him clowning Landsberg.

Landsberg looked like an amateur in that interview../ ouch Phone Post

Very true I quite enjoyed Chael's antics suffice to say he won't be back on OTR or will he..

I thought (for a guy who is basically a football/hockey reporter) that Landsberg did pretty good. He may have garbled a few names but his questions were on point. Chael was Chael. Phone Post

Chael is confident he can beat Silva however not so much about beating GSP... interesting

enjoyable but at the same time difficult to watch. landsberg was being his usual smug douche self, and fael was just stupid, i like the way he talked about winning and defending his title, what title you fool.

I still can't believe people fall for the Andy Kaufman............can't wait for Chael to defend his title!

Chale is going to get ko'd this time around. I think Anderson took him waaaaaay to lightly in their first fight. Probably do to the fact that damian maia tapped Chale out so easily.

I see Anderson keep this fight at a distance and using his reach and striking to ko or Tko Chale Phone Post