Chael Sonnen picks Diaz to win

Just seen it on his show. There’s a thread on Sherdog that has a breakdown on Chael’s predictions. He’s right about 30% of the time. I’m hoping Diaz wins, I honestly don’t remember ever seeing Leon fight (except Jorge altercation). Too many fighters to keep track of unless they do something that stands out. I watch every PPV and every Fight night (unless WMMA is the headline). Pretty cool of Nate to give him this fight. Everyone will remember Leon now, win or lose.

A Leon fight for you.

That was on my YouTube suggestions. I was going to watch it, I didn’t feel like watching an 15 minute decision at the time. I’ll probably take a look at his record and see who else good he has fought. I know Marty beat him but that was when Marty was unheard of also haha. I’m slacking.

Love N8
Picking Leon

The cerone fight is a 25 min decision.

Diaz actually looked better against that particular common opponent.

I remember Goldberg saying the cerrone fight “like a mit session” for Diaz.

I think Edwards has improved more since then.

Rather Diaz win and send Leon packing

So that means bet on Edwards

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