Chael Sonnen Tweet

 It's not "catch weight" it's a "grudge weight." I'll fight him at a GRUDGE WEIGHT OF 200lbs. I don't care about him enough to cut to 185.

Who is he talking about??

not rampage

Machida? Phone Post

 wandy imo

Probably whoever speaks up first Phone Post

Wand or Vitor Phone Post

Ducking Wanderlei for sure.


Hashad? Phone Post

Wandy Phone Post

ThinkMMA - Hashad? Phone Post

Ding Phone Post

Belfort or Silva is my guess. He's cordial with everyone else in the division. Phone Post


Poindexter -  Hazelett?

Retired 170 pounder, but good guess :)


Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Phone Post

Chris Cyborg
/thread Phone Post

The Math teacher.

So in Phone Post

k1levelstriking - Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Phone Post

Correct. Phone Post