Chael Sonnen VS Frank Shamrock?

After Chael's win over Kyacey Uscola tonight, he challenged Frank Shamrock.

Who would win?

I gotta go with Chael.

if Renzo could keep Shamrock down I have to think Sonnen could even more so.

Probably not.I just think Franks game is suspect and could be exposed by a top grappler(or hell,top striker too)if he ever lets it happen.

regardless of who would win, Frank doesn't give a flying fuck about journeyman fighters who try to make a name for themselves by challenging him. Sonnen is neither a top fighter, nor does he have a marketable last name like Gracie, nor can he sell fights and has an obvious exploitable weakness like Baroni. Hence it would never happen.

I disagree.

Babalu is very good and Sonnen fought well in that fight.

Franks gotta be concerned about that one LOL!! Sonnen is a nobody, and that fight serves no purpose! all he could hope for is to lay-n-pray, he never does much else!!

frank is very dangerous, imo way more dangerous than sonnen, does make for an interesting fight for us, i dont know about the whole public. cant see this fight getting too many buys tho..

Crap, I didn't see this thread and made an identical thread just now. Sorry, bro.

Yeah, Sonnen is not going to sell any fights so obviously Frank wont accept the "challnege". Good on Sonnen for trying to use Frank's name to improve his career though.

Sonnen would probably LnP his way to a victory over Frank IMO. I dont even want to see this fight--Shamrock vs Cung Le or Shamrock vs Prangley are much better options and seem to be around the corner after the Renzo rematch

nothing bigger than beating frank shamrock

Despite all of the crap that comes out of Frank SHamrock's mouth he is still a bad ass and even though Phil Baroni is not top ten no one has ever owned Baroni like SHmrock did.

full card results?

Guys, did you see Sonnen's fight with Suloev? I think it would be foolish to
count Sonnen out if these guys fought.

Frank over Cael

Why would anyone want to see Sonnen try and lay on top of Frank for however many rounds. No thanks.

from his win last night:

Up and coming? Cahel has been fighting since 2002. If Frank thinks Phil
Baroni is a worthy opponent than he should have no problem fighting
Chael Sonnen.

Chael used to fight for fun and has actually only become a full time fighter in the past year. Even when he fought in the UFC he was a realtor during the day only trained a few times a week.

bad match for frank