Chael Sonnen vs Hector Lombard??

This is the fight I would rather see than sonnen v Munoz. If Lombard was brought into the UFC he would definitely be a top 3 contender IMO Phone Post

Chael would take him down...hold him down...and break his will or sub him.

Chael would smother him for 5 rounds IMO. Phone Post

3 rounds** Phone Post

Lombard has one of the best records in mma at the moment and he is crazy I think that is just the spark that mw needs at the moment.. Phone Post

Lol Sonnen and it wouldnt be close Phone Post

He has one of the best padded records in MMA. Chael would be taking a step down in competition. Hector needs to beat some top MW fighters before being worthy to be in the UFC. Phone Post

Give me one top twenty win in his career, Lombard doesn't deserve Sonnen until he beats at least a low end top ten middleweight, he's winning lots of fights sure, but against who?