Chael Sonnen walks off OTR (Video)

Caught this out of the corner of my eye and capped it... sorry for the low quality

Why are you wearing mud colors smoogy?

BTW this is the recap they aired on Sportscenter, NOT the entire interview

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Wow, that came off as pretty hackish... He knows better and should treat guests who take the time to go on his show with more respect. Phone Post

 Would be keen to see the entire interview.

Trying to get the vid uploaded.

 I love it. Chael walks off and EVERYONE watches it and talks about it. Bet he had it all planned out, although i would have to see thw whole video to really say.

subbed for while video Phone Post

Seems like a WWE promo.

full interview

a better quality vid here in the corner, just go full screen if you want 


Landsberg is the absolute worst. Brutal just brutal to watch him interview anyone. Phone Post

Rickstorm, I sent you a PM dawg

ND, thanks for embedding it

Is the interviewer a respected guy?

That's the first time I've seen him and my immediate impression is "dickhead".

That was AMAZING.

That dude just made chael almost cry Phone Post

hah Chael did this on purpose. He knows that Landsberg does not back down. He probes further and further.

He was going to leave this interview before it ever began. Michael isnt one too suck up to the person being interviewed he will grill them until they answer. Im sure Chael checked this out before and knew what was going to happen.

The full interview is entertaining as usual from Chael.

caliphornia - That was AMAZING.

That dude just made chael almost cry Phone Post

That was just awesome. I am mixed though with how I feel. Landsberg was awesome for calling Chale out in his hypocritical public comments and for playing Cheals game but looked so nervous. Cheal was incredibly funny and I couldn't stop smiling while watching but obviously didn't know how to react to someone calling him out on his BS. It was both a train wreck and the best thing I've seen in a while, at the same time.

Great TV in my opinion. Phone Post