Chael Sonnen = WINNING!

FryedTakayama - 
Wasa-B - Ed Soares talks = FAEL FANS WHINING!

Fixed for ya :P

Sure did.

well there are a lot of similarities. both chael and charlie are born in the year of the snake. sharp tongued and full of quick wit. which brings us to the ASTROLOGICAL BREAKDOWN of the fight...where is the guy who did that shit??? anyways
we have CHAEL - Aries/SNAKE vs ANDERSON - Aries/CAT
both aries are aggressive. the cat is lighter on the toes maybe but I say the snake will go for the Kill. Snake time about this bitch. other aries snake fighters include vitor and stephan bonner other cat fighters tito, randy

octowussy - Cool, another Sonnen thread.

And a Sonnen fan would still be making Charlie Sheen references.

Hey I'm a Silva fan too but I appreciate how Chael markets himself :) Phone Post

TTT for title shot confirmation!