Chael Sonnen Would Trash These Guys

I like both Bisping and Miller but lets be honest here. Based on the first round, Chael Sonnen punishes them almost effortlessly. Phone Post

Bisping looks awkward and Miller is gassed already. :( Phone Post

i was thinking the same thing, imagine how easily andy would light theese guys up aswell.

Nick Diaz would dominate these guys.

Brian Stann would run all over both of them. Look at what Chael did to Stann. Gatekeepers through and through.

Chael this chael that, whos his biggest win? He's had his chance cheated with roids n still lost Phone Post

Harry Bat -  Chael this chael that, whos his biggest win? 


I was thinking the same thing. If Chael vs Bisping is going to be set up, Chael wins in dominating fashion. The pace that Bisping went at to finish Mayhem is the pace that Chael keeps from start to finish, and Bisping himself said he was very tired from that...

Bisping is very good, without a doubt. But I dunno if he can hang with the absolute top guys like Anderson and Chael just yet.


Miller or Bisping, if you read this, please understand that no disrespect is intended. Both of you are great fighters but Chael (and obviously Anderson) are on another level (right now). Like you said, Bisping, you have a lot of work to do but who doesn't (especially when it comes to facing the top of the heap)? Phone Post