chaels getting ktfo !!!

 I think stann is going to put chael to sleep !! And hopefully shuts his obnoxious/cocky ass up for a couple months, tired of his b.s..

You failed from your first post.

Chael is the greatest middleweight to ever live and you will see just that.


One of these is the best middleweight in history.  The other is wearing a pink shirt with a backwards cap.

Chael will take him down at will Stann is. Very overrated currently

If Brian Stann can topple the behemoth Chael Sonnen, then I deem Anderson Silva worthy of challenging Stann for his WORLD TITLE he will get for beating Chael Sonnen.

 Chael is the peoples champion.

Because stann clearly didn't get controlled by a wrestler not too long ago right? Phone Post

Easy fight for Chael.

Like Chael or not, he is going to successfully defend his World Championship title.

Anderson must be the Galactic Champion.