I just saw Charles briefly. I have not seen seen him in some time. It was really kind of nice. All kidding aside, throw away the hype,the fact that he is a incredible "MMA fighter", the bravado associated with being a fighter and Charles is very similar to my favorite 2 fighters. He is well mannered, soft spoken,humble (as humble as a fighter can be anyway)and a gentleman.(yes ladies, he smells good too)So, for those of you on the Underground who have always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask....there you have it.

I believe the 2 love machines I saw Chainsaw with are lubed and ready to go. Ladies, one looks and like tony from the movie "Scarface", his counterpart lookls like a younger, more attractive Rattle SnAKE "Stone Cold Steve Austin". He may answer to ROB.
Rob, once again thank you sir.

we aint forgettin HARDCORE!

I like, but don't love, Chainsaw Charles.

wtf this post gives me a really strange feeling

he smells good? Well, that answers the question I always wanted to ask him.

Charles is the man...ttt for Chainsaw and his 1 pound undies!!!!

you sure smell purty

The testosterone just ran down the leg of this thread.


so you had to jump on the bus right


Just kidding! I love fighters and their smells! ESPECIALLY when they're gentlemen!

Not so sure about Charles smelling so good, but he is one of my favorite people in the MMA game.

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lol @ JJ

Rob reminds me of some fat girls I ahve known in my time(although he is not fat). The more you get to know them, the more attractive they become.
Charles? well I have said enough.

Go praxis