Chainsaws Equation

Drago Dominates RD1
Chainsaw wins RD2

Drago Wins RD 3

A more miserable Chainsaw

It was not a good fight imho. Charles looked exhausted, although whatever he did to his knee must have slowed him down for the rest of the fight as well.

He looked tired. if he wasn't tired either Drago was really good at holding him down or he just didn't want to get up and fight.

It was a really frustrating fight to watch as all McCarthy seemed to want to do was play jiu jitsu with Drago. He hardly punched on the ground, was hardly explosive and just seemed content to gently go after subs.

They both looked like they were in treacle. Although there were reversals and that, it just wasn't entertaining.

"If Drago gives off the energy L in the form of radiation, then its mass
diminishes by L/V2, his omoplata will therefore... " (this is where Drago
changed the formula to appear he actually increased in mass while
Chainsaw was in the kitchen making lunch). You see, if Drago hadn't
tampered with the data the outcome would have been totally different.

Deviously genious!

I told you

i thought it was a good fight,call me crazy.............................

I never said Charles could'nt fight...I have said he is great at BJJ.....I just said he was a piss willy to live with

"I never said Charles could'nt fight...I have said he is great at BJJ.....I just said he was a piss willy to live with"

That sounds kind of brutal after he's shown on TV totally down after your loss and saying you were close friends! Were you not as close as he thought?

He was not sad about me losing.....he was down because he knew he was up next....

Charles was not upset I lost... He was upset he was going to be picked..IMO.....I was saying afterwards that I trained for Din to come out southpaw... He did'nt and it threw me off.....Charles tells me.."well I could have told you that"....he was on my team....anytime before the fight while I was traning to fight a southpaw. He could have told me.....but after the fight?.....thanks....jackass.

Mikey you are wrong but whatever dude. I told you but you can continue to blame your loss to din on me.

What did I tell you.. "Din fights righty and left and has a great triangle."

Sometimes Mikey we need to accept responsibility. Hopefully one done you can.

I never really liked Chainsaw either,but I've only seen his Loiseau fight.I
was hoping though that Burnett would win his fight.

Mikey vs Charles on TUF Finale?

I never blamed a loss. Din beat me straight up. I just wished I had known he fought ortodoxed..thats all. Make it what u want....U where not upset by me losing....say what u want...u know. and I know

Whatever helps you sleep at night mikey.

Chainsaw is it true you knew that he would fight orthodox?

Im not making excuses.......Gin beat me with a triangle.....Im just saying Charles and me where not close.....He trains with Din at home, so why was he down about my fight?.....he was'nt

Mikey: I have trained with din once for 5 mins in my entire life. I did feel very much for you leading up to that fight. After that fight you became a total prick to me because you felt I lied to you which never happened and because of that certainly now in retrospect I should have not been upset at your loss.

You can take it however you want Mikey I don't lie, I am very straight forward about my opinions and you know that. I really admired and respected you quite a bit going in to the show and told you that on many occasions.

Ultimately I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. Your opinion of me does not effect my life and I just hope that you can find success in your life.

Take care.

Sorry Mikey if it looks like I think your making excuses. I was just
wondering because of Chainsaws post.Everyone loses so there's no need
for excuses.I fight in a couple of weeks and it's my job to be prepared.If I
get caught thats just what will happen.