chairshots-oldschool vs new school


watching the ric flair vs edge tlc match on wwe raw show the risk wrestlers today are willing to take. i watch alot of old ecw tapes even. guys like foley, terry funk and the sandman even pulled up on chairshots.

kinda like throwing arm punches imo. watch ric pull up or throw the shot to the upper back. then watch edge throw the chair full force into flairs noggin!

new school wrestlers in order to be more realistic are fuckin killin each other! watch eddie g's last match vs mr kennedy! at the time some people think that chairshot eddie took helped kill him!

now this is really not the case but todays wrestlers really lay into each other! watch the rock vs mick foley in beyond the mat for clarification!

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actually watching old ecw their chair shots were even weaker than todays!!!

i mean they had their axl vs ian matches but guys like dreamer, funk and even raven held up in hitting their opp.

Someone please find a clip of the Rock smashing the hell out of Ken Shamrock with a chair.  Shamrock was down on his knees and begging for it, he sure got it.  Probably my favorite chair shot of all time.

more then in beyond the mat?

he really layed into mick!


ballz mahoney can swing a fucking chair.........

axl and balls are crazy!

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