Challenge Kickboxers

Might be a fun idea if one of the promotions had a vs kickboxers challenge, the sole reason to try to educate the massive kickboxing fanbase as a huge percentage rate knows nothing about MMA.

Im thinking more of the lines of the better stand up fighters eg, f16,bruce mcfie, jenk behic Nathan Carnage would be up for it im sure, vs the best we have in that particular weight.

Any ideas??

Honestly, while the kickboxing fans may not know anything about MMA, I think the 'better' kickboxers respect MMA fighters and know enough about the sport to know that they don't want to do that.

Just my opinion, but ego is a pretty big thing in kickboxing. They know they can be embarassed on the ground, and they know it will end up there, so they don't want to lose the 'respect' they've earned as fighters through their kickboxing/Thai fights - and they really have earned it!

The closest they will come is Shootboxing, which can be a great sport, as it combines kickboxing with standing throws and submissions, but no ground work at all. It's not a bad middle ground. Would be nice though...

Hey Frank. Cadmas is right, I have actually tried on a few occassions to get well known kick boxers/Thai fighters against MMA fighters and had no takers even when the purse is higher than they are normally offered. They have too much to lose as opposed to the MMA fighter who stands a chance of getting KOed anyway whether it be a striker or an ground fighter.

In fairness to the kickboxers, they are 2 different sports, with different rules and skills.

To crossover to MMA with no grappling training at all (ie, takedown defence) is pretty pointless.

I also think the quality of the fights would be poor, looking more like the early UFC "spectacle" fights rather then a fight between 2 well trained, credible opponents (remember that clown with the 1 boxing glove in UFC 1)

Not to say I don't think crossover is possible, or a good idea, look at Maurice Smith, but I don't think KB -vs- MMA has much to offer (let's be honest the poor old KB'ers don't stand a chance)

Of course, shows that offer mixed cards or exhibition MMA matches at KB shows are a good thing.


Art Jimmerson is an Icon and should have been in the Hall of Fame. All I can say is Royce is lucky that he got it down before Art could unload or MMA would now be contested with each fighter wearing one 12oz glove!

Oops, I've upset a fan !



Tank i know well that they are 2 diffrent sports, i am thinking of ideas to promote mma to the massive KB following, having mma fights on KB shows are all well and good, but the average KB fan honestly thinks grappling is gay, I know i did before i learnt first hand. If the mass KB crowd saw or read that there idols were crushed most of them would start to look why, and then MMA would talk hold of all sports, we could challenge Lyton hewitt(i hate him) basketball,and football teams would then fall, we would be invinsible bwoohoohoooohaaahahhaa.
you know what i mean anyways.

I've spoken with a World Class Kickboxer who is interested in MMA. He wants to do some cross training with grappling first though. This guy could really put a hurtin. Hopefully it will pan out. So there is interest out there.


Well you've probably guessed he's Australian (not a hard one there). He's World Champion (not sure which associations off the top of my head). He's not a Heavyweight though. He's got wicked kicks and is a monster in the clinch.

Sorry, no names though... :p


Ha ha, nice try... :p

Alas I won't mention the name simply because if he doesn't I look like a dick... :) I also don't want to pre-empt his decision to do this either.

The only purpose was to show that there are quality kickboxers interested in MMA. Hopefully there are more of them out there.


At XFC 2 Ian Jacobs got in the ring to talk about his and Roberto Travern's alliance. He said he started cross training and had an excitment for it he hadnt had since his early KB days. Would be good 2 see him in MMA.

IMHO- the best way would be to combine the two (Kickboxing / MMA) on a single fight card (most profitably MMA bouts on a kickboxing card) but the rules would need to be sort of diluted to encourage much more action and get people away from the 'dry humper' mentality that turns potential fans away from the sport of MMA.

Perhaps have a short limit on stalling before the fight is stood back up, hypothetically if no action 15seconds or 30 seconds after the last strike / sub attempt stand 'em back up. Kind of like weaning a child onto solid food- start them something with a fraction of the taste and texture...

As I say it is only in my opinion but I'm sure that a lot of the posters here would have good ideas on how the rules should be modified for bouts of this type to lure new fans to the sport.

Elvis has this World Champion Kickboxer alos done a bit of boxing?

"Elvis has this World Champion Kickboxer alos done a bit of boxing?"

He may have, but I can't confirm that (as I'm basically not sure). So it's definitely not one of the guys who's made a name in boxing.

Nick Stone has been running a Kickboxing show called "Kings of the Square Ring". He holds around 8-10 kickboxing matches and then fills the rest of the card (another half dozen matches) with MMA fights, BJJ matches, Full Contact Karate, etc. This brings in a wider spectrum audience. It also exposes the fans to different fighting styles. I've always thought that this was a great way to do it.


LOL and isn't Gurkan going to become Australias newist world boxing champ? Well thats what he said.

Hey Elvis, it wouldnt be Stuart Mckinnon would it??

nathan corbette was recently in japan training yoshida in muay thai. nathan said he'd like to give it a try one day.

Non-Kickboxers probably aren't used to the sort of intensity that Kickboxers put into their Sparring.


Hay Jaje would be great if Nathan was to fight MMA as Danny Masecheve is also thinking about fighting MMA, would be great to see them both tee of in a rematch but under MMA rules!

He would have to be from Bulldog, Shane Meads? one of the McKinnons?