challenging KIMBO

I weight just 200 pounds and I can KILL that guy KIMBO. I would like to fight him. Please contact me through this thread to see when we can fight. Thanks.

your not trying to make a name for yourself are you?

there a plenty of people that would be the hell out of Kimbo in straight NHB, but bare knuckle boxing is not NHB and Kimbo's got some skills i nthat.

I don't think Kimbo will be taking anymore challenges from this website.

Jamie - I tried the same route back in august and september, to no avail

I'm Brazilian and I want to eat that guy KIMBO alive with out slice him.

i also think that he will no longer accept challenges from this site.

hes gotta get his bread, and this site is stealing the dough cause we run shit.

lol at you assholes defending that damn ex-con

I was at the sparring match. Kimbo's people told us that he has never been in prison and it was fabricated, but they never denied it b/c it made a good angle.

I'll beat that guy boxing or in n.h.b doesn't matter how we gonna fight. I just wanna fight him.


lol @ KKM

I say put the match together! I like seeing weedy men get beaten down.

Gannon was not your run of the mill fighter..... What was he then. I saw that fight and the only thing I saw was Gannon having one hard fucking head . He did nothing in that fight that was remotley imprssive. He didn't give up I'll give him that.

Now let him fight someone who knows how to fight and we'll see Gannon get his ass STOMPED in the mat.

If you do get to fight Kimbo you can bet that I won't be buying the DVD. Also, make sure your bosses don't mind you coming in to work with a swollen head.


I think jay just challenged sean

set it up!

u have to get past ron krull first

Jay already asked for a fight with Sean

Yeah, Kimbo was carried away to a nightclub and got his party on with porn stars ( I've seen the pics ) while Gannon was getting Iv's layed up in the ER.

That's a lie.I was at the fight.Kimbo was carried away,he was crying and punch drunk.He flew home and went to the hospital the next day.The pics you saw were from a week later.Gannon also looked better by then.Don't get me wrong,Kimbo is a bad ass,I just get sick of all these nuthuggers who think he's God.

Also, Gannon "The nice guy" got in a few cheap shots at the end when the fight was basically over.

What cheap shots?Kimbo's people were the ones who said the fight was still on,even after it was clear Kimbo was done.Get over it.Find someone new to worship.