Chambers call me at...

Jason Chambers - call 520 245 3458

  • Drew


Are you still in Phoenix? I called the # to tell you Id be in ACS Sat. and Sun but didnt hear back. Let me know if your still in town and want to train.


call me so we can all get together. 708-704-1892


Jason, I left you a message. My #'s 602 790 6786.

funny franco my friend, you cant seem to return my calls


When are you coming back to town? Call me when you get here.

Everyone needs to call me too....Wait, noone cares about me.....


Santino -- Are you visiting family in Ithaca on February 12?

Franco, i am trying to figure out when to come down.....Joseph, are you guys still putting on the NEGC??

Yes, Jed.

Check out for more information.

Joseph Cunliffe,

Yes, I'll be in Ithaca on the 12th visiting family.

Santino DeFranco


What the hell are you talking about? Get your ass back in Phoenix ASAP. There are many fatjitsu moves you must teach, and many a beers (or jack and cokes) that must be drunk.

Joseph Cunliffe,

How's the tournament coming along?

i will be there in a few hours to fat around......


santno, never got the message. will call you in a bit.

Santino -- The tournament is coming along well. Check out our current release on ADCC News...

NE Grappling Challenge III Features Announced

Will you attend and compete?


Do you have any room left in the pro division? I'd love to jump into that if possible - Otherwise, I may compete for fun, but we'll have to see.