Chamionship Picture

Lets see what you guys think. Here is what I have forecasted for upcoming title bouts.

Franklin vs Tanner- Middleweight title

Trigg- vs Hughes- Welterweight title

Lidell vs Couture- LHW title

Arlovski vs Mir- HW title

On the outside looking in

St Pierre vs Parysian- Welterweight

Nick Diaz vs Charuto-Welterweight

Linland vs Lawler- MW
Terell vs Rivera- MW

Justin Eilers vs Cabbage- HW
Sylvia vs Freeman/Shammy/Ricco-HW

Tito vs Vitor- LHW

In the LW picture its Yves for the taking and everybody else.

These are some of the matchups I think look good in the title picture. With the outside looking in this could mean winners face of to see who gets title shot. This of course is using the talent that is at the UFC. If BJ comes back thats a different story.

I think Terrell/Tanner is more logical than sticking Rich in there. Beating Lindland is far more significant than beating Rivera at this point in time.

Let Franklin fight Lindland for the top contender's slot.

Lawler is nowhere near a title picture. He needs to fight Baroni or Murray. Add in Rivera and you've got a great tourney of sluggers over two shows.

I strongly believe that Sean Sherk should be a part of the WW title picture. Only one loss in his career, a great fight that went the distance with the past and now current title holder, a fighter who stays as active as he can and even though he has one of the best records in MMA, is constantly striving to improve his game and give promotions and fans what they are asking for.

At some point Joe Riggs' name should be seriously mentioned in the hunt for the MW title, maybe after one or two more quality wins.



Jake- Only reason I have Franklin vs Tanner was becasue Franklin beat tanner not too long ago. granted it was at LHW but it was still a win

we need a 4 or 8 man tourney @ MW. If that doesn't happen it should be Terrel vs Franklin.

The best thing would be: Franklin vs Tanner rematch, Lindland vs Terrel rematch, then the winners fight each other for the title. (yes I realize the potential for 2 team quest guys to fight each other)

It shouldnt be Terell vs Franklin. Tanner deserves to be in the title fight over Terell. terell has one impressive win. tanner has beaten Baroni twice and Lawler two good MMA fighters. I would agree with the tournament but I dont see it happening.