Champ Challenge ATT: Jessica Ross

Havent heard anything in a while about the tournament in reguards to the chicks division. Any new and updated news since I last talked to you?

Where you able to get ahold of that chick I wanted to fight out of tap or snap for a superfight? If not let me know cause I talked to Bad Brad and he said that he can probably get ahold of her cause he has almost direct contact with her. He did train her to kick my ass in all. :0)

Marie Colangelo

I have called and left a message as well as an email, but I haven't heard from anyone. Tell Brad to pass on my information for me, that I'd like to get in contact with her.

As far as the event goes, so far it is looking good. I'm assuming alot of the big plans will be made now that the holiday's are over. I'm working on some big names in the women's division as well....

More to come!


happy new year! hope you guys have a lot of success with this!

they're girls.


Am I a big name?? :0P


Jess. I will shoot Brad an email and let him know. I kinda knew from the get go that I wouldnt get to fight her.

hey Jess is there class tomorrow(saturday)at WW?

lol, ok stephen, i'll humor you with an explanation: i meant that figuratively.

Yeah Big Don, we will be there Sat.

Marie, have her get ahold of me I called and emailed, but haven't spoken with her yet....


ok Jess

LOL I'll be there.


I'll have Brad frind out from Ryanne if she will take the fight first and if she says yes, then I will have her contact you.


Now that the holidays are over I will get the Pro and women divisions sorted to you soon

Dan Cousineau.

Hope we will have a chance to throw down some good money for the superfights ...........


Anyway we can get Erica Montoya out to play at this tournament?


ttt - she'll fight in a super match! We are trying to gather the $ for her to go out there & fight in the event. Let us know if anything can happen there by chance.

Dan Cousineau, are you any relation to Garth Cousineau?


No no relation.

I would love to have christy compete at our tournament. The womens pro division prize money is $200 to the winner. send me an email and I will talk to you more.

excellent, she hsa been training 7 days a week, I will let her know.