Champ Woodley not impressed with RDA's performance

It was a huge win for dos Anjos — his third since moving to welterweight earlier this year — but Woodley still wasn’t all that impressed by his performance.

“I wasn’t too impressed with him, I’m going to be honest and I said it to his face,” Woodley said. “I wasn’t too impressed with the performance. Just because people are punching and swinging, if you’re punching and swinging and you’re missing or you’re hitting gloves and elbows, that ain’t precision to me. When you’re landing good powerful shots and making it count, and I wasn’t really thrilled with the IQ of both guys.”

If the UFC says that dos Anjos is the next person in line for him to fight, Woodley would accept but he admits that it wouldn’t be the matchup at the top of his wish list for potential opponents.

“Would I be open to fighting him? Yeah,” Woodley said about dos Anjos. “But is he the top fighter on my list? No.”

I haven’t been impressed with woodleys last 3 fights