Champion BJJ--Assou Harvard 6th BJJ black belt?

Assou from champion jiujitsu claims he's a BJJ 6th degree.

Those of you who are aware of champion jiujitsu from illinois,
who awarded Assou's 6th degree BJJ black belt?


I think there's about 100 pages addressing this issue.

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who gives a fuck, bjj blackbelts are a dime a dozen..fuckin shopping mall belts, imo..

be a real man.

Train Judo

I believe the ATA has made far more champions. Especially when you consider some arts have no atemi-waza.

You would have caused less universal damage had you tried to divide by zero.

I've heard stories of people getting scammed out of money from this guy. Sucking you into a phony 5year or 3 year contract you never knew you signed.

Will this thread beat the 150-page one from a few months ago?

You have made a huge and terrible mistake.


that part sounds about right.

Nope, and as far as I know that guy dosnt exist..

'HUGE AND TERRIBLE' got dammit!



He's already been proven to be a fraud.


I thought he was teaching at Xtreme Couture in Chicago?

is that the same guy in the vid? eek

I love this, cracks me up!