Champions Challenge will be held March 20 in Auburn Hills MI. This years event it will be a No Gi tournament. Hope to see everyone there. Web site will be up next week

Dan Cousineau - Team Caique

Dan: Is just gonna be No-gi?

ttt! see you guys in a few days dan!!

Yes Just NO GI, Don and I have to figer out how we want to seperate the divisions - Nov - Adv - Pro???

We will be holding a GI Tournament in the fall.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

Will post weight classes and skill divisions soon.

3 absolute divisions Lt. Mid. Hy. Winners receive nice championship belts


Champions Challenge will have 3 skill divisions.
Nov. less then 1 1/2 year exp.
Int. 2-3 years exp.
Adv. 3 years exp. and over.

Weight Classes are

149 & under

150 - 164

165 - 179

180 - 200

201 and up

Kids and Women will be seperated at the event.

dc1: Is there a pro division? Or is that the Absolute?

No pro division this year.We are giving away championship belts to the absolute division winners.

Don and Angelo, please shoot me an email. I want to talk with you guys about the tournament and other stuff.

Thanks Dan Cousineau

Dang, can't wait for this...