Champion Juicer

I'm not talkin roids you numb nuts, I'm talking about the juicer machine. Is it worth $260.00?

Awaits intelligent response

You can get a new or almost new one for less than $260, maybe half that, on ebay. Don't be afraid to get a used one. I found an old one that someone left on the curb and it works fine. They last a long time.



Puts Tim on the list

I remember a thread a while ago about juicers. It seemed like it gets a little bit complicated. Have to mix certain types of veggies with each other. The person linked to a page about what you can and cant mix together.

Better ones are out there. Champions juicer creates a lot of heat that kills active enzymes in the food. Spend more $ and get a twin gear juicer that has a slower revolution speed.

I got the Green Star Juicer. Works very well.