Champions Challenge Absolute

Congrats to my students Myles Jury and Adam Kelso for winning their Absolute divisions at the Champions Challenge tournament today.

The heavyweight Absolute was won by Matamoros/Sauer BJJ's Eric'Red'Schaffer congrats to him as well.

The tournament ran pretty smooth considering we only had 1 ring for around 70 competitors.Special thanks to team Caique's Mark'the man'Modras,Brandon Fracassi,Jenny McIntosh and Laura Ronson for all their help, and thanks to Dan Cousineau for having the tournament again this year.This tournament has traditionally been small but still a great tournament to get some good experience.


thanks for giving us the opportunity Don. I thought it was real smooth for only one ring.

Nice breaks between matches too. When I was at Joslyn's I had about three minutes rest between my two matches.