Champions Challenge Results

First I would like to thank all of the teams for coming out and suporting us.
I also would like to thank all of our sponsors
ATAMA Na Guarda Sprawl Warrior Way Team Caique.

Team results 1st place Team Caique 2nd place was a tie between Joslins Team Aliance and Team Matamoros

I Will post the winners of each division later tonight

Good show, Dan.

Great Tourney and great organization. Divisions moved smoothly all day, weigh in was quick, although I'm glad you had two scales, they were giving different weights for everyone. I was heavy on one where my friend was Lighter on that same scale as compared to the other.

My only complaints were with the Venue, man... There was no hot water in the showers! Half-kidding here man, half kidding.

Want to say sorry to my opponent for not congratulating him after he beat me (or giving him a better match for that matter). I gave myself a hardcore stinger on my already injured shoulder, hitting that over-underlateral and was hurting too much after to notice what was going on. My shoulder was screaming in pain and it was numb to my wrist.

Still I feel like an asshole for not getting up and out there.

Congrats to all the competitors and it was cool to see the Pro's go at it. Quite a few surprises in all divisions, and everyone had a good showing.

Matamoros' technique is evil.

Pro Division Winners

149 and under 1st Todd Slater and Jason Fox 3rd Nick Misovic

150-164 1st Henry Matamoros 2nd John Mahlow 3rd P.J. O'Sullivan

165-179 1st Jeff Joslin 2nd Andie Garcia 3rd Jason May

201 and up 1st Robert Masko 2nd Todd Seyler

Women Pro Winners 1st Barbora/Team Matamoras 2nd Marie Colangelo 3rd Kathryn Robertson

Purple Belt Absolute 1st Eric Schafer 2nd PJ O'Sullivan

Blue Belt Absolute 1st Paul Kisor 2nd Brian Edge 3rd Todd Seyler

White Belt Absolute 1st Victor Torres 2nd Rick Gladwin 3rd Jon Dunoody

Blue Belts
201 and up 1st Todd Seyler 2nd Dave Tabron

180-200 1st Paul Kisor 2nd Paul Elezovic 3rd Dominic

165-179 1st Matt Jubera 2nd Mark Vives 3rd Jason May

150-164 1st Bryon Edge 2nd Mike Vizard 3rd Chris Halgeri

149 and under 1st Jason Powell 2nd Keith Haist 3rd Jack Szatak

Women Blue Belts 1st Yael Youmg 2nd Aoife Moloniey 3rd Lisa Berry

I hope everyone had a good time.There were some glitches that were resolved,but all in all the tournament went well everyone seemed to be in good spirits.All the competitors displayed very good sportsmanship and great technique.As always I'm happy to report ther were very few injuries maybe a few strains and pains but nothing serious.

Halgeri = Malgeri?

Yeah, deffenitly a good tournament. Sucks that my divison decided that it was not going to show up the day of the event other than me and Kit. Poor Am's had to deal with us instead. Im back at work and WAY WAY to fucking worn out to really type a whole lot here so I will end it with that and the BBQ after wards was good too. Felt bad as hell to get a nice cold beer down my tubes!!

I'll write more once I catch up on my sleep.


great event!!! Thanks so much Jess for organizing all the women's brackets, I had lots of fun.

It was great to meet bjj people from all over...all of who were really friendly (even though they all made fun of my canadian accent)

Thanks to everyone who supported the Rocinha Project!!


Glad everyone had a great time! TTT for Jess.

Congrats jiuchick!! Hope you got lots of money. ;-)

Good times, congrats to Dan on Don on the tournament. I vote for Gabe vs Jake as match of the day.

Team Matamoros just got home, great tourney. We only had great things to talk about it on our 7 hour ride home. Thanks for the opportunity. We will bring more guys and girls next time.

I agree with Matt Jubera. Gabe Naylor vs. Jake Short was great. A lot of action and both fighters fought to the finish. I think Marie's final fight was very exciting as well My wife and I were cheering for you. Nice tournament. Big Congrats to Matt Jubera as well, his fights were all great.

I was glad to help help out and ref, it is always motivational to be that close to the action and see people fight as hard as they can.

I was bummed to see some purple belts show up and I was unable to play due to my back bein messed up.

Jake vs. Gabe was definitly match of the day...good job guys.

Joslin's from Canada came and represented very well! We hope to have them come to the Can-Ams in August. Good job guys.

Team Matamoros showed up and did awesome! I didn't know Eric Schafer did BJJ tourny's! I just knew you from Hook N Shoot. Henry was slick and exciting to watch as always. NHB or Grappling, Henry always puts on a show. Barbora also did well in the women's division...There seemed to be more competitors than last year which is always great to see. Good job Dan, Don, and Jessica for organizing everything and dealing with last minute 'changes'.

Congrats to all of the girls for training hard, showing up and competing! You girls all did amazing!

Since the blue belt women were posted, I thought I'd post the white! Again congrats to the blues...great technique and fun to watch.

Congrats to Jenny McIntosh (Caique's Chicks) who won the white belt division and Jen Whitcome from Saulo who took second, and Lisa Williamson (Caique's Chicks) who took third. Way to go girls!

In the Pro Division for $800 and 1st place went to Barbora from Matamoros, Second Place and $200 went to Marie Colengelo and Third Place went to Kit Robertson Machado TX.

Congrats girls!

Great tournament, I hope everyone had fun. We also raised money for the Rochina Project!!

Thanks everyone!

Jessica Ross

Sounds like a great event!

I am going to try to make it to the Can-Ams in August, and any other event in MI that does not conflict with work!

Again, Congrat to Jessica and the rest of the MI Crew for putting on a good event. I know it can be hard!

I am sure I will see some of you in Chi-Town NAGA in May!!!

Dustin Ware

Speaking for myself and travelling there with my Club Team Joslins/Alliance it was a good time. The competition was tough, exciting, and polite as well. We had a fantastic time and hopefully we'll be there for the Can-Ams.

Everyone who participated should also check out the JOSLINS CANADIAN OPEN in November. There is usually like 20 competitors in each division or more.

very well run as usual!! jake and gabe was a good match,but i feel gabe should not of gotten reversal points for jakes choke atempts.i beleve it was jake changing the position,not gabe..could be wrong tho...just my take on that joslen are very cool guys!! hope to make it out to your comp...

jess did a great job getting things set for the ladys of our sport!!and 1000 in cash prizes for them was awsume!!

and it was my pleasure to meet tapme!! very classy chick indeed....

and thanx to all my guys that put it to the test!!! great job fellas!!!