Champions Training Center goes 7-1 at Wild Bill's

Congrats to CTC on a solid night with 4 pros (Audrius Smaganis, Derrick Schroder, Majid Al Kush, who trains in Atl but is part of the CTC family,and myself) takin home wins and 3 of 4 amateurs(Dustin Waters, Jeremy Surratt, and Jimmy Lancaster) taking home wins. Also props to our boy Joey Gomez who showed up at 135 lbs ready to fight while his oppt weighed in at 150 due to a mix up. He took the fight regardless and fell victim to a guillotine early.

Also, Thanks to everyone that came out to support us and to Dana Pitcher for having us up to display the hard work and dedication we put in in the gym.

Stephen Bass

Cool i was looking all over for results. Good job boyz!!!1

TTT for a great training camp ;)


ttt for the CTC.

 TTT great job!

*cough* there still no Tul$a Top Team ;) *cough*

Props, that is the first Wild Bills i have missed in long time, heard it was a good show.

 where can i get the full results

newbloodmma, results should be out on the georgia athletic commission website soon. i don't remember the names of all our opponents or the official times, here's something brief.

joey gomez lost via guillotine 1st round.
second fight were two heavyweights. don't know the results.
jimmy lancaster stopped rusty riddle via guillotine 1st round.
audrius smaginas wins via rear naked choke 2nd round (i think).
derek schroeder stopped william vivar via armbar 3rd round.
then another fight im not sure who fought.
jeremy surratt stopped billy jackson via kimura 3rd round, destroyed the guys shoulder.
dustin waters stopped david zavala via tko/corner stoppage in the first round.
majid alkush stopped david derby via knee-bah' in the 1st round.
stephen bass beat nathan murdock, unanimous decision (3-round fight).

Lets see Ledbetter VS. Bass for the main event at the next Wild Bills.

that would be a great fight

Hell yeah-any idea if there's another show in Savannah in the foreseeable future?

Also - does Jeremy Surratt post here that you're aware of? I'd like to get in touch with him...we used to watch ppv's at a buddy's house.

ya'll looked real good. I am sure someone will say something about the kneebar/phantom tap thing so I'll just say this- it sucked the way it ended but he tapped- twice. Watch the tape. REmatch in order but he tapped for sure. Sorry fans were mad at me but he tapped and the other guy let it go because of the tap. I never stepped in and stopped the fight. I dont stop fights in subs....not my place.

there's a good review of the show done by Georgia MMA.

You did a good reffin' the event Blake, no complaints at all.

 Blake, i don't think anyone on here will question your integrity.  It was just hard to see.  Good night of fights!!!!

I agree with Gardner, let's see Ledbetter vs Bass.

 Here is the link that Dustin is referring to WWW.GEORGIAMMA.COM.


I think you did a great job as usual, but thought that the action was stopped when the fighter was hanging through the ropes. You did nothing wrong, but this is why mma should be fought in a cage, PERIOD!!

Bass, let's get you on the Rome Bullet card.. Hit me up.. Tony Metcalfe

lets get it to the top

if your nickname is "the bass" as in the fish, im a new fan =) lol


thanx 4 the support guys and as for future fights Im in a hotel in Louisiana as Im typing this getting ready to fight tomorrow nite then Im takin a week to myself and seeing where we're goin next. Right now I Hav to hold the fort down for Muhsin while he gets ready for his fight with Diaz June 14th then I'm back on the horse.