Champs Who Defended Title thru Adversity

Jones haters are hating the fact that Jones finally has a bout under his belt where he still won and defended the title thru adversity. One of the things that Jones critics held on to was that he had no heart.

Aldo just did it recently and also against Hominick.

Anderson did it against Chael in the first bout with the dramatic R5 come from behind finish and where he was truly injured imo.

GSP, like Jones has been accused of having no heart either but has fought thru many fights with injuries and also having that big injury in his knee/acl (was it?) and still coming back to hold it down against a tough guy like Condit, getting rocked in that fight still coming out on top, then going right into the huge Diaz media blitz and winning again. Not a title fight but the first BJ fight, his eye was scuffed up and was seeing "2 BJ Penns." He had eye problems as well in the Shields fight right? And he pulled his groin in the Alves fight. People are forgetting what a monster Alves was at that time as well.

Hughes was nearly tapped by BJ and went to finish him (though it was BJ himself that seemed to have gotten injured). But Hughes was hit with a low blow, then rocked by Trigg, nearly finished but then came back to carry Trigg across the mat and finish him (again).

Nog, of course, was the comeback king. Crocop, Sapp were both huge title defenses in Pride in which he was beat the fck up and still came back to finish. He won the interim bout over Sylvia getting beat up the same way en route to winning.

Fedor was rocked with Fujita, kept his composure and held on (something GSP coulda done vs Serra) and came back to kick Fujita's ass, had trouble with Arlovski but had that epic KO, also had some trouble with Rodgers and Hunt, still came back to win.

Any other champs who have defended their titles after dealing with adversity?

I think you covered some of the big ones. Fedor got wobbled one good time though.

^ Fujita fight, got that too.

Dont think Chuck ever defended his UFC title after any trouble, same with Tito. Tito had a tough bout with Vitor but was not champ then. Chuck got tagged by Mezger and Overeem but wasnt champ either.


Good thread.

lockon - Good thread.
This. Good examples, Frankie's in there forsure too Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Ironically Brock vs carwin Phone Post

Barao was rocked pretty good in the first round against Michael McDonald Phone Post

How could I forget Frankie? Though....i also think its kinda diff when you're the champ and underdog as opposed to the long time, undisputed champ that everyone is gunning for and you're considred unbeatable. Thats a whole lot of extra pressure. Never the less, Frankie showed some gigantic nuts in those fights!

And yes, Brock vs Carwin. Sure, Carwin just collapsed in R2 but still, Brock weathered it and finished Shane in R2.

I thought Wineland looked real good in R1 but not sure if he rocked Barao.