Chances Jones gets cut with a loss?

There were several times in the last decade where anyone who wasn’t named Jon Jones or Conor McGregor would have been cut for their out of competition behaviours, domestic abuse, and drug use. But we all know the UFC wouldn’t cut the #1 P4P GOAT and let him go to Bellator. Is there any chance they cut him with a loss since his aura of invincibility will be gone, or would they not hand Ngannou an MMA opponent like that?

I’d doubt it. Maybe if he gets absolutely embarrassed at HW.

He just signed an 8 fight contract…


Jones is gonna need 3 in a row and a scandal outside the ring before this is even a possibility.


I think if he loses he probably calls it a day to be honest


When Jones is done with the UFC, he’ll likely have some boxing offers. Maybe even Ngannou vs. Jones in a boxing ring, but I’d rather see it in a cage someday (before they’re both 45 years old).

He’ll get a cut of personality powder win or lose if that’s what you mean.


It’d take him years to get cut. There’s too much money to be made with “can Jones recover from his first loss” and “can Jones reinvent himself”. We’d all be lucky to watch him take a ride down the BJ Penn slide.


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Essentially zero percent chance. If Jones loses, he may not wish to do it again, but I’m guessing UFC isn’t going to let him be a free agent for many years. As long as there is anyone who cares about who JJ is, the UFC will likely maintain rights to him.

With a defeated and finished Jones the UFC can finally get rid of their problem.

Well, one down, one to go, anyhow.

Kindof the logic I’m going off, they’d never cut him before because they’d never cut the #1 guy for a rival promotion to scoop up. If Ciryl humiliates him though…

They’ve tolerated a lot of BS to get to this point where people know, and are interested, in Jon Jones. They’re not about to release him and let someone else reap any potential reward. If he loses, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to quit. However, how many ways does JJ know how to make a buck? I would imagine UFC would have rights to any competition involving JJ for at least a decade. If he gets caught committing crimes, taking roids, beating women, etc., but still has the potential to hold viewers attention, he’ll likely be competing for UFC, or UFC will be compensated for his release.

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If he loses by disqualification for biting off the nose or ear, maybe. Maybe he’ll get Cut

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signed an 8 fight contract

Dana likes having contractual control over Jones. kinda like the whole “i own you” thing

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Do you think that he’d sell the “I own you” thing for more money than he stands to make with JJ going forward? I assume that he would. I would think he’s more interested in a return on UFC’s investment than feeling like he “owns” that trainwreck.