Chances of Big Nog getting boo'd or USA'd?

Being as this fight is in Randy's backyard I thought Nog would have gotten boo'd more at the weigh in's...but then again the drunk redneck fight crowd wasn't there.

I think I'll lose my damn mind if the crowd starts giving Big Nog shit.

No shit^ I'm afraid of that. Portland isn't exactly the class capital of the USA.

God, I hope not. I think Randy would be embarrassed if Nog got booed.

 Portland and the NW has very educated MMA fans compared to alot of the US.

There will inevitably be a group that starts a "USA" chant.

They are not indicative of the average MMA fan up here in the Pacific Northwest.

100% chance.

The Portland fans were great & very respectful at the weigh-ins (just watched live). Great job Portland! Very classy.


This town is pretty up on MMA and knew of Nog while he was in Pride. I really don't think you'll hear anything like that. The crowd will roar for Couture but also be respectful of a legend like Nog

USA chants are no more improper than local chants in Canada, Ireland, the UK, etc.

Nog won't get many, if any at all, boos. That'd be like booing Wand.

Some guys you just don't boo...Big Nog is at the top of that list. Wandy too.

If I were going to attend I'd be happy to bitch slap anyone that boo'ed Nog in Portland.

Or at least throw my gum at their hair.

Gum in the hair FTW.

Wait until the fight crowd shows up...totally different crowd than the hardcore weighin types.

Though I guess it would be pretty hard to top the shittiness of Philly or Miami at this point.

If they are going to boo anyone save it for McCully's ass. If anyone needs a good boo'ing its that dude, or Herman but he's from Oregon so that ain't happening.

Just got back from the weigh-ins. Nog got the second biggest applause of the afternoon, didn't hear more than 2-3 people booing. People went ape shit for Randy obviously. The two biggest surprised were Damien Maia came out to a huge ovation (noticeably biggest than Marquardt), and Keith Jardine recieved the 4th biggest ovation behind Randy, Nog & Leben.

This looks like it's going to be a great crowd. I was at 73 and that crowd in Sacramento, that sucked. They booed everything.

Thanks for the info IBProfane...I hope this crowd gives these guys their due.

LOL at Maia coming out and being shocked at the crowd support.

Also sat next to Kerry Vera & family on the train headed back downtown. Didn't wanna seem like a total douche, so I just asked if they were his family and they said yes. They were very cool, and I asked them about Brandon's weight cut. They said that it went really well and Kerry said he didn't cut hardly any weight. Said they were going to Subway, cause that's where Brandon wanted to go. Haha.

Wanted to meet Brandon but felt like an asshole getting off the train to follow them so I just decided to leave them alone.

Honestly, even if they do, who the fuck cares?

Saltyballs - No shit^ I'm afraid of that. Portland isn't exactly the class capital of the USA.

 what makes you say that?

the fans were great at the weigh ins

I think Nog's attitude really wins over a lot of fans. He's just so respectful to every single person he comes in contact with, he's an amazing human being from what I've seen. If any fighters are looking for inspiration or an example of how to conduct yourself in a respectful manner, Nogueira is the man. He is a true martial artist, and hopefully anyone who boos will be struck by lightning/airborne beer bottles.