Chandler is getting slept

What is he thinking? Gaethje hits like a truck. Id be shocked if it went past round 1.


I have no clue who is going to win, but I know it’s not going all 3 rounds so i put money down on it not going the distance

I feel like if Chandler wins it’ll be a first round finish. If Justin wins it’ll be a second or third round finish

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This is a tough fight to call. I want to say Gaethje but have no faith in him after that Khabib performance

Losing to khabib isn’t some sin lol he fought well in the first round with leg kicks and footwork


Chandler takes him down, Gaethje goes 5-4 in the UFC and shuts up.


Chandler is definitely the more skillful and disciplined of the two.


Pick Ummmmmmmmmm

Gaethje learned how to throw a straight punch yet?

Chandler throws hard as fuck but let’s be honest he got cracked by fckn Charles Oliveria who’s not known for power strikes at all … Gaethje lands it’s all over. Chandler has a better chance wrestling


If Chandler doesn’t get sucked into as rockem sockem fight he can get a decision.

Not the fact that he lost to Khabib. The fact that he backed down and got bullied and folded.

That must have a mental impact on someone who thought he was the toughest and most violent man in the UFC


Id normally see this as closely matched but Justin has been extremely emotional and that is a flaw.

I give Chandler a slight edge based on that and I think this fight ends in a KO.

Just rewatched their fight before making this post to refresh my memory.

Justin had a few good leg kicks, but not in enough volume to matter. Landing three legs kicks in a round is a waste of time for anything other than scoring points. If you’re going to throw them as a gameplan, you need volume, which he did not have.

Literally every punch he threw took him horribly out of position. It was wurl star level at times. No jab. No volume. Actually no straight punches at all. And Khabib won the striking in both rounds. And we won’t even get into Justin’s white-belt-with-three-stripes ground game.

I still have no idea what Justin was thinking in that fight.

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I’ll have to watch it again. It’s been a while

I’m not sure he has three on a white. I think he might still be in the borrowing the loner belt from the coach’s locker period, to keep up the metaphor. I don’t think we’ve ever really seen Gaethje’s ground work.

Has Chandler ever threw a straight punch?

Great fight, probably the fight I’m most looking forward to tonight. I’m picking Gaethje.

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I was actually thinking the opposite.
Chandlers been active while Justin has been pouting for the last year
Chandler by TKO

Justin’s pressure is his key to a victory

Gaethje is not a one hitter quitter, rather a volume puncher.