Ch'ang Tai Chi?

Does anyone have any experience with the style od Tai chi developed by Ch'ang Dung Sheng?

In content and the way it is taught, how does it compare to Chen or Yang styles?

IIRC, it is derived from Yang style. I believe Frank Demaria(sp?) may have written a book on it.

Here is a link that talks about Chang style Tai Chi LINK

Chang was a Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) champ who met up with a Yang Taiji person and thought the movements in the Yang set were very close to Shuai Jiao movements and had probably been misinterpreted (deliberately or accidentally) as striking. He re-interpreted them using Shai Jiao perspectives, and passed it on as Chang Taiji.

(Interestingly, Wu Taiji was passed down by a Mongolian wrestler and also has a lot of standing grappling interpretation).

i may be wrong, but i think Dr. Daniel Weng has a book out on Chang Taiji.

the origins of Chang Taiji that i heard is what rene.r has posted.