Change of Wrestling Style in WWE

If anybody checks out pro wrestling websites, you have probably read were Vince wants everyone to tone down the hi-risk moves and concentrate on a more mat based style, more holds and such.

The Royal Rumble matches were just that. And I have to admit that I love that style, if done correctly. I think it makes the matches a bit more "legit", more like an actual contest. It also helps build the match so when the big moves are pulled off they get a better reaction.

Did anyone else notice how much more mat based most of those matches were.

What do you guys think? Do you like that stlye or would you like to see more high-flying moves?

the little guys should be able to do the high flying stuff...that's why cruiserweights are so popular and unique

The change is long overdue. When Hunter & Shawn wrestled their match on Raw a few weeks ago, it was Vince's template of what he wants to see as the ideal standard. Meaning:

1. A more gradual build that 'listens' and reacts to the fans (meaning the boys are less scripted & call it on the fly)

2. Emphasis on transitions & selling of said transitions

3. Strategic use of high spots that make them more meaningful

All of this should lead to higher quality matches, which are unique, more psychology driven, are more symbiotic with fan reactions & produce less risk of injury.

At times their will be growing pains (like the Raw womens tag match) because so many of these kids are learning how to REALLY 'work' with very little frame of reference. Yet the roster is young and it should pay dividends in the future.

Now that Kurt Angle's back, Vince has told him to lead by example & cut back on the incessant suplex nonsense. He's a world class mat wrestler & he should be awesome (and MUCH safer) embracing this style. It'll be interesting to see how well he adapts.

How will they wrestle like HBK/HGH if they only get about three minutes of mat time?

I think they tried this a while back when Benoit was calling out Austin saying he couldn't wrestle and they actually put on a wrestling match! But it never amounted to anything. BTW I dunno if RVD will be able to fit into this.

"You need the mix of the hard-hitting matches, the slow mat based matches, the high flying matches. Otherwise it's all the same."

Basically WCW had that sort of style. The cruiserweight matches were pretty good. Main events were storyline based longer matches.

NWA-TNA had that sort of thing with the X-Division being separate and pretty damn special.

I actually think most of the mid carders have the ability to mix the mat stuff with high flying in the same match to make it interesting.

"it's about time they started biting off of NJPW"

I thought Vince already burnt that bridge?

"All WWE seem to focus on at the moment is just a bunch of young muscly guys with tattoos who use their real names and wear speedos. Great."

That's why I don;t watch anymore, although when Jindrak and O'Haire were in WCW they really stood out, could've been the biggest tag thing since the Warriors and Bulldogs

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