Change one thing about your wife or girlfriend

If I could grant you one wish to eliminate one bad behavior of your wife or significant other what would it be?

  • Stop nagging
  • Stop spending money on stupid shit
  • Stop not sucking your dick
  • Stop fucking black men

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If my wife were any more wonderful my own incredible deficiencies would be all the more unacceptable.

Perhaps if I could give her an acceptable vice, like enjoying marijuana, or the odd gambling turn.


Where’s the option for bigger tits?


Make her penis larger.


Your tits are big enough for the both of you.


Make her 16.


She has never shut a door in her life, let alone locked one.



Why would you want to make her older?


Stop spending money.


more time on the baby clock

Make her not a figment of my imagination


She’s a retarded feminist. Just the ra-ra, girl power type. Hey, woman, you make no sense, maybe quit being a retard? Like, " girls are just as powerful as men, in our own rights?" No, they are not, women are just as powerful as women.

" A woman, can do anything she wants. There’s no job a woman can’t do as well as a man!" No, dingus, that’s retarded, let me give you some examples…

Then a fight happens and I seem like a sexist. I’m not, I’m just countering her bullshit. Our biggest fight is faggots pretending to be women. We both hate them, but she blames men solely. It’s true to an extent, these dudes in womanface are dudes. But I tell her it ends in ONE DAY if women stopped supporting them. She will never conceide this point. I told her Dillon McFaggot posts and the comments are like 95% from WOMEN supporting him.

A girl gets her title taken by a man, that woman applauds the dude…shit like that.

So yea, she’s a retarded feminist. Change that and make her pussy a little looser so I can fit!


Her rampant anxiety and frivulous nature drive me bananas in a bad way.

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They’re fine. Trust me.

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Less talking more listening

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my dumb wife spends money on the dumbest shit.

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To stop sucking my dick while i’m trying to drive!

Wife has poor impulse control which I feel directly leads to most of our problems as a married couple. I would fix that.