Changes in K-1 card 12/31

Judo's "Bad Boy" Yoshihiro Akiyama will now be facing Franz Botha (MMA).

Cyril Abidi will now fight Japanese Celebrity Bobby Ologun (MMA).

Mike Bernardo is off the card.

maybe booby was havinf second thoughts after seeing the clip of Bernado KOing Goodridge, and they convinced him that Abidi wouldnt be so bad


the judo guy vs. Botha is good, classic grappler vs. striker, i wonder how Botha's groundwork is...doesnt' seem like he has a lot of time to train

who is this Bobby dude?

yeah this K-1 really sucks but I will definitely be interested in some of the results. better than no show at all and at least it gives a few more MMA fighters some muc deserved cash

Bernardo was scared of Ologun's punchline...get it punchline



New match up reported !

Musashi is reported to be fighting a Pro Wrestler named Kensuke Sasaki. Rules (either MMA or K-i traditional) have not been decided.

Sasaki is a big ass Japanese dude, and he's 2-0 in MMA (over sub-par competition). If I'm thinking of the right guy, he looks a lot like Fujita. Big neanderthal-like guy.

The K-1 card does suck, but I'm still intrigued.

Kristof Midoux will fight Sylvester Terkay. Midoux should win this one easily.