changing brake pads easy?

ive got a metal scraping sound comin from my tires. i assume i need new brake pads. is it easy to do at home? any special tools needed? any good sights to give me instructions?

its a nissan 97 pickup

if i have it done by a shop, whats a fair price for changing 4 pads?


I used to do it all the time, and it wasn't too bad. Not sure with newer cars.
Get a Chelton manual or something.

don't forget to put the grease pad shit on them before you put them back on or that shit will squeak like a motherfucker.

assuming you have the normal minimal wrenches and tools, you might want to pick up a caliper spreader tool, it's probably about $5 at an automotive store.  after you remove the old pads, you need to push the piston back in so the new pads will fit.  the tool makes it quick and easy.

sounds like i m off to the mechanic

The first time you do it, it will probably be a pain since it's a new experience, but after you get through it you'll realize it's not really too bad.

Then the next time it will be a breeze.

Remember to leave the old pad on the piston before using the clamp or spreader, you don't want to damage the piston or the new pad. You may need to remove some fluid from the brake fluid resevoir to keep it from overflowing when you compress. Then top it off again after. Also check the rotor (disc) for scoring. It should really be cut (resurfaced) at a machine shop (most auto parts places do it) each time you change pads. If the disc is in poor condition you will run through the new pads quickly.

Max Power, you can use a C-Clamp for the same thing the brake caliper tool is for if you've got a clamp already. It isn't too hard of a job, just make sure you do a test run on an empty street when you finish before you assume everything's cool. Don't want to find out you messed something up in traffic, you know?

advice appreciated, but this seems too easy to screw up, so i m taking it in. thanks

drums are a pita, but easy once you know whats going on in there.

disc brakes are pretty much the easiest thing you can replace on a car, other than an air filter.

If you don't know what you're doing at LOG's Mrs.

i just put new rotors and pads on my madza saturday. it was a 45 minute job. if you have a socket set, a c-clamp (to press in the caliper), brake cleaner, and some mechanical know-how it can be easy.

you should buy a tech manual for you car which will walk you thru it. i keep one in the car just in case.

What I do is buy an extra set of rotors. Before I do the brakes I get the 'off" set cut and swap them on when I do the pads. This way I never have to stop in the middle to run to a machine shop.

bhammil, never thought of that. smart