Changing Careers Into Tech/Programing

Well, today is my “first day” as the new Head of Software Development. My department may only be one person, but I am now the head of it. If I were the kind of person to throw around titles to try and impress other people, this is the first one I’ve had that might almost work.

Also found out HR went and backdated everything so health insurance starts today, instead of making me wait the usual two months from date of hire. That was nice of them. It’s good peeps here.


I would never agree to this. No chance.

I think CTO is better title… Ask for it in your first review.

I would like to announce that I am undefeated in UFC title fights.

Congrats man

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Just submitted a big PR in this React admin panel. I can’t believe how hard everything is. I would do this all 20x faster in Vanilla JS.

Had to do some wonky Context and State stuff, so hired a coach to walk me through some things.

What is depressing… I can not fathom any amount of time (500 hours, 1000 hours) using React… that I would then… find it preferable to, or more efficient than Vanilla. (for me)

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lol @ listening to a purple haired faggot give his opinions - especially emptying his balls over JS. JS is generally a mess and is probably the language that allows and even encourages the worst practices.

This guy is what normal people think of and then cringe when they think of a “programmer”… oh sorry, I mean “software engineer”. Those titles, so important for self-esteem, of people like this guy; a know it all lecture everyone about everything type who still hasn’t noticed everyone rolling their eyes when he starts speaking.

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Well I enjoyed and laughed…

Hey @U4EA - This is your weekend checkup. We agreed on 10h study this week :wink:

(full disclosure I’m behind, I have 6 done so I have to do some this weekend)

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Dont buy his course algoexpert. Way better resources out there

His course is not bad but I’ve found it for free.

If anyone needs it, I can try to find a link.

The guy is a total tool but his explanations of algorithms are good. Nobody should pay hundreds of dollars for it though

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You got me. I’m still trying to get a load of query/mutation work finished on this project.

It’s 7:30AM here. I will definitely do some AWS today and report it back here.

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I paid north of 400 for Algoexpert, MLexpert and SystemsExpert. It was a ton of content but none of it especially relevant or good. Along the way, i learned what i should have been doing in each subject to prep for MAANG. AlgoExpert was a poor use of time

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Research the bootcamp you use.

Not all are created equally.

My nephew has found one for his sister’s kid that provides a job placement component too.

That includes getting you interviews.

It sounds like the bootcamp is to feed their consulting business with cheap talent but if it gets you an in them good.

Aside from than, i think your goal for front end work is to produce anything that you can point at and say “I wrote that” and be able to give them a satisfied user saying “yes they did and we love it”

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Sorry. I probably overdid it there. It gave me flashbacks to 10 years ago working with people like him.

My opinion if you go the networking route - learn the CCNA material. If you can sit for the rest and pass it, even better. The big advantage to this that you’ll get solid with a broad understanding of what networking is.
Then get familiar with SD-WAN and network virtualization - it’s the future

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Sir, I just loaded my video course, going to get my study for the day out of the way.

I won’t let you down.



Aside from the organisational stuff we chatted about on PM, I managed to get well over an hour of Maarek’s video courses done.

I am going to aim for 1 hour first thing in the morning and 1 hour later on in the afternoon until all the certs are finished (or I have slit my wrists).

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Came across his channel… at some point early in the pandemic. Watched a bunch of vids, and enjoyed.

To be fair… people spend $100k+ on “education” that they don’t use. If his material is “good”, and helps people get high-paying jobs… a few hundred dollars is negligible.

Note: I’ve never bought anything. Only ever used FreeCodeCamp a bit, while exploring the idea of applying for more/other jobs.