Changing Careers Into Tech/Programing

Another 1.5 hours of Maarek done.


I’ve never been more excited for a podcast. Lots of good programming talk, a tiny amount of BJJ talk. You guys might enjoy.


Will listen tomorrow on the commute.

Another hour of Maarek done.


He was pretty good on Rogan too, will have to give this a listen

Another 40 mins of Maarek done. Fuck, this is excruciating.

You’re kicking my ass. The weekend got busy fast

I have 2 hours to do tonight, two tomorrow and then on to practice exams

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My kid is just finishing up getting his masters degree in computer science, with a minor in math as well as in communications. 1 year of school to go. I’ll let you know how he is doing in a couple of years. lol


Tell me your a web developer without telling your a web developer

2 hours, 5 mins more Maarek done.


I’m not all of the way through this yet, but this is a fucking fantastic interview.

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I’ll start trying to use a debugger for the gazillionth time because of this interview

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I’m sure he will be fine… are you in north America. (4+2 year degrees) Or Europe (3+1)? … I wouldn’t go all the way to masters degree in north America before working.

Hey guys I probably missed a discussion on this somewhere in the 1233 replies thread…but hoping someone can give me their 2 cents…

I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 years now and looking to try something else. (I’m 44) Designed plenty of websites through Squarespace and 3dCart, but saw an ad for Meta’s Front End Developer Certification. I’m on my 3rd week and doing pretty well with the HTML & CSS stuff so far. Question is…is this worth it in the end? Or should I throw in the towel?

A certificate for Webdesign is probably close to useless, but the course itself might be worth it for you if you can leverage your existing experience and contacts.


I think you can probably make some money if you shift into UI/UX… But trying for a high paying front end job without being really strong in JavaScript will be hard.


And to make money in UI/UX you need to have a strong understanding of the functional aspects not just the aesthetics which you probably already have covered with your design background.


Man, the UI/UX team at my company has grown a TON the last year. Its a very interesting domain.


I was the same when I started React, honestly. I was on a deadline and just spaghetti coded a front end for a store in vanilla. Demo went fine, left it alone.

I can’t imagine coding JS without React, now. It took maybe 2 months to get my head around it, maybe it’d take more now with all the new features, but it does so much heavy lifting for you. It’s probably the best thing out there right now for programming.

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I guess I just don’t get it.

I look at any React project (done by “the pros”)… and it’s a multiple megabyte JS package, and the HTML has like… 50 nested DIVs to do 1 simple thing.

How to put it nicely: I write better code than this.

I write better code than React is able or willing to produce.

If this is the output that the pros come up with… there is no scenario where I will produce better code, in React, than I would, without React.