Changing careers?

Struggling with my happiness levels and contemplating my future in this field of work. Sometimes I have amazing days, the other half the time I have horrible days filled with politics and shitty people and it just kills me. I have a job most people would kill for but it is eating away at my soul.


I have no idea what I would do alternatively but I'm only 28 so I figure it's not horrible if I decide to do something different with my life.


How did you guys handle career changes, how old were you and how did you decide/figure out what to transition into?


Thanks guys, have a good weekend <3


there have been a few of these threads lately...........maybe someone can bump one for you.  I can't recall the titles or I would.


good luck

and 28 has forever in front of you... a lot of people don't get serious about a direction until 30'ish or change much later. time is on your side, yes it is... 

I worked like that installing fibre optics. I make just about a quarter of what I used to yearly, and am much happier.


Ive only ever worked in two industries, automotive and Telco. 25 now, 8 odd years doing this stuff. If I get sick of one I jump to the other.


Is there any way to work more by yourself?

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No idea what your education, background or interests are.


Nursing is a great second career for many people (including myself).

choadler -

No idea what your education, background or interests are.


Nursing is a great second career for many people (including myself).

know a few... because of hours flexibility and earning potential

I just went from the dying fossil fuel end of the power industry into aerospace. 

Its sort of similar job as far as what I do but entirely different capacity and industry. 

I took a pay cut, gave up every other Friday off and two week of vacation. 100% worth it and would do it again in a heartbeat knowing what I know now. 

Made the switch at 39 after 17 years in the industry. 

Go do what you want to do. Find the job, take the chance, you only get one life, live it the way you want. 

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Similar to clattymine I've jumped around the power industry for nearly 20yrs now. Started in power plant construction back in '01, in '07 moved into operations. In '16 I made the jump to transmission system operations as power plants in CA are not as stable of a career any longer. Last year I latereled into a schedule coordinator position doing generation dispatching & scheduling for other entities as well as a small(er) amount of transmission operations. I'm overly happy with this change & will likely finish out my career here(42 now).       

Sounds like maybe you need a position/company change, not necessarily a career change?