Changing counties, GA CCW?

Ok...that was the worst thread title ever lol.

Anyway, I have a Georgia CCW, that I got in Cobb County. My G/F now wants to move to Fulton County...any idea what the process is? Do I have to go through all the waiting period again (doesn't see like I should...the GA State Bureau of investigations did the background check)?

Anyone done anything like this?

thanks for any insight. -

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You should still check it out as I am new to this, but I don't think you have to do anything. I got mine in Gwinnett County GA and I live in Dekalb now. I think it is good throughout the state. When it expires you may want update your info though.

Cool, thanks will definately check it out...thought it might be like a driver's license (if you don't get your address changed you get busted.)

TTT-for Toki ;-)

(c)(3) Applications for renewal of licenses issued under this Code section shall be made to the judge of the probate court of the county in which the applicant is domiciled or, if the applicant is a member of the United States armed forces, the county in which he or she resides or in which the military reservation on which the applicant resides is located in whole or in part at the time of making the renewal application. In the case of an applicant for a renewal of a license, the judge of the probate court may, in his or her discretion, direct that the local county law enforcement agency request a search of the criminal history file and wanted persons file of the Georgia Crime Information Center by computer access from that county in lieu of transmitting the application and forms.

i.e. renew your license in the new county, but don't worry for now.

Yep - mine expires in late March, so I've checked into this recently. Mine was issued in Douglas Co., and now I live in Paulding. I was told it's $15 (cash or money order) to renew, as long as I have my old license, and it hasn't expired more than 60 days ago. I'm redoing mine Feb 5, so check back if you want to know how it goes...

And Cobb Co., home of Glock - I don't think it's a big problem...


Thanks All!!

Got mine done last week - went in to new Co's Probate court, paid $15 cash, showed old permit & DL. Answered a handful of questions, took form with seal to Sherrif's Dept & got a fingerprint on form, dropped off form at Sherriff's Office.

Total time - less than 20 minutes. I like Paulding County...