Changing my mind on Vaccines on people in ER


So instead of helping people that are dying he was chatting for about an hour about people dying? Real life saver there that guy.

I’m pushing back against the idea that there is such thing as “one size fits all medicine”. I had no opinion on this topic of Covid until that was pushed on me. I think people should do research themselves of peer reviewed journals and studies and speak with medical professionals if they’re not in that majority. That’s it. Does the majority need the vaccine? Yeah. That doesn’t mean everyone does. You want to turn my statements into me saying nobody needs the vaccine. You’ve tried your hardest to paint me as being anti vaccine. I’m not.

I’ve never disagreed once that the majority needed it. As you said I was the one who gave the 60-65% number. I’m pushing back on 100% needing it. I’ve made that clear multiple times.

Well let’s see now. This is a very logical well thought out reply. Isn’t it?

I concur, thanks


Damn, that’s my neck of the woods. Not surprising.

very good point

I feel like I’m watching the Walking Dead, is this for a stupid virus or the Zombie Apocalypse?

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He was suspected of doing something sinister??? Aussies are fucked up.