Changing Teams

I used to Support Melbourne in the AFL but after the fucked over Wowodin they don't really have my support anymore, am i now not trustworthy?

you're not trustworthy simply because you follow AFL


a 'belting' shouldn't that be benny??

LOL @ rza.

What about if you train at other gyms just to get a wider range of styles and training partners (assuming it is okay with the instructor at that gym) but when you fight, you still fight for your home team???

Wouldn't that be okay? W

hat if you were a blue belt and weren't improving because, for example, you had no purple belts to give you a flogging and making u better?

Dear Dolly:

Stopped flogging myself as per doctors instructions but it's still purple. What should I do?





"Dear Gerald, go see wise man in the west. 6 yrs of flogging means much flog-knowledge. His name is now baldy-flogs."


Does that make you a gym slut, or a better fighter? I thought about "travelling from club to club" but after talking to people in and out of the game, decided it was best to focus on one training at one club.


If it were possible to train everywhere without having to deal with the inherent problems of doing so then I would be training everywhere without a doubt.

My loyalty is with JBW of course, and with his permission I have trained at different places (school classes and seminars). The problems I have encountered have more to do with the students than the coaches (there have been exceptions of course).

I honestly believe that you should be able to train wherever you want, exposure to the different games and tactics of others is a good thing. That is one thing that comps. have made more difficult, no one wants to share training time as they might 'use thier own moves against them' or some such crap. I hope in my BJJ lifetime that this will one day be remedied.

For those of you that can, get all the exposure you can get from all the different coaches that you can. Just be honest with your dealings, and things should be cool.


I think it's inherent with the sport to form close bonds with the guys you roll with. I mean there's a level of trust that the person's not going to go too hard and cause injury to your shit, you're basically hugging the shit out out of each other in a VERY flamingly hetro way ;) and when you get squeezed and drop a fart you want to be comfortable in the knowledge that they fuckin deserve the smell. I swear I could taste shit last time I was mounted and squeezed.
**Close to not even bothering to post this due to implied faygotry**

"Paulo is correct.
Loyalty is an admirable character trait and should be encouraged."

But who is Paulo loyal to?

Here we go again.

Get ready for it. :)

Thrilling edit, Mjarse.

runway is correct. my brain can only handle little posts, long posts = *click!* (*changes channel with remote*) ...i appreciate his sense of loyalty also. hehe.

and just wait til new years, mwahaha! i'm already planning my wardrobe to go along with the change to team pool party!

G, in regards what to do with your flogged raw, purple bits... clamp it off at the root and it's sure to turn brown in no time soon. :p

one final correction. AvA is a not a slut, he's a whore! ;)

and ps. fucktard is a good word. i'm also quite fond of kickfuck. ie. 'hey fucktard, shut your yap before i kickfuck your head in'

are we just talking about grappling clubs ?
as a coach i have found cross training invaluable.

i still have a boxing coach, a fitness trainer/phisio,
and a wrestling coach.

i still train in kickboxing all the time and wrestle with bjj athletes at least weekly.

also video instructionals have played a huge roll in developing skills.
(esp. mario sperry bas rutten & mark kerr)

i have never felt like any of the coaches i train with found this fact i have developed great freindships with everone i've met.
thats been the reason,IMO, MIXED MA has evolved so greatly.

regards nathan.

If less is more, just imagine how much more more is!

Seriously, Adam/Coops, If you roll up to my place for NYE, you'll be drinking with half of the WA Police CBI unit.

I can think of better company, any other company actually.



More more is just dangerous:)

Nathan (thatsunpossible) do you have time to sleep? that is alot of training.


BJJWA i dont think it will matter how much you hint at it i don't think G will put a nurses uniform on for you!