Changing the default OS?

I recently set up Fedora to dual-boot on my XP system - installed GRUB onto the MBR, and selected XP as the primary OS - no problems so far.

Fuck around with Fedora for a bit, and install a recommended update of the kernel...all goes well, except that it now boots Fedora as the default OS. Not a major problem, but an inconvenience. How do I make XP the default OS to boot to, so I don't have to sit and select it when I turn my PC on?

There's probably an easy solution staring me in the face, but fuck if I know

There should be a package on one of the CDs for fedora that lets you install a graphical boot manager tool which should let you make changes to your grub in Fedora. Otherwise you are going to have to use nano or vi to edit the grub.conf located on your boot partition.

Goto the for more info as I do not use fedora.

For quick Linux questions google is your friend. That's part of the beauty of the Linux community is that there's so much documentation out there (not saying that there isn't a ton of Windows documentation)