chapman/hodge book or Vid?

I was reading something on about a Hodge video or book authored by Mike Chapman. Is there any truth to this? If so, where can I find more information?

Thank you.

Not sure?

There is a chapter on hodge in Chapman's "Toughest Men In Sports" which has been out for many years.

You might search the gift shop at:

A potential publisher (not sure if they are publisher still attached to the project) emailed me to ask me about what I thought about the viability of the project so I know that there is something coming soon! Looking forward to it hopefully soon!

On a side note there is a DVD series featuring Danny Hodge called "Winning Edge Wrestling". He is featured on volume 6 of that series.

Chapman wrote a book entitled "Two Guys Named Dan" which provides biographies of Hodge and Gable and makes comparisons of their careers. If you haven't read it, it is worth looking at!