Chappie - Trailer - Looks Amazing!

CHAPPIE Trailer #1 (2015) Hugh Jackman Sci-Fi Movie HD

The latest film from Neil Blomkamp which looks like a criss between i Robot, Bicentennial Man and Short Circuit.  Either way it looks amazing and I'm sure I'll cry like a baby when Chappie gets blown up.  =(

In for Steve Guttenberg cameo rumors.

What an odd choice to have Die Antwoord in this movie.

Johnny 5 ALIVE!!!

Boom! I can't wait for this. Plus Die Antwoord.

Thought this would be about Joe Louis.


Seems like a movie from that region, hence the cast

Does Yolandi show her butthole, I wonder?

No disassemble number Johnny Five! Phone Post 3.0

Hell, I thought this was going to have Louis Gosset Jr.

If Hugh Jackman wants the fucking thing dead, the fucking thing has to die. Phone Post 3.0