Charges dropped against man illegaly possessing a gun, charging cops instead

Fucking stupid. They hit the piece of shit enough to get him cuffed. That’s it.

Not only the gun charge but the felony drug charge. And the other guy they arrested is having charges dropped also.

They’re sending a message to criminals that all they have to do is resist and they can get away with whatever.

Then the mayor and chief state “we’re going to keep fighting to keep guns and drugs off the streets”.

No, you’re literally keeping them on the streets.


Yup just resist!

Video is very disturbing in the sense that a dangerous criminal armed with a gun is clearly resisting arrest and creating a dangerous situation for cops but he is viewed as a victim. He had every opportunity to allow the cops to cuff him without any force being used.

Just as worse, the other P.O.S.'s throwing objects and attacking the police will not be charged.
Even worse, the cops are being charged with crimes.

Ironically, this will further damage the black community in D.C. because cops are not going to make any attempts at catching bad guys which will obviously result in far more crime. Enjoy your cities…


Well said Keith.

This is what happens when you ban holds (restraint and choke).

Cops should just leave these areas to themselves and go hang out somewhere during the day.

WTF!? The dude is armed and actively selling illegal drugs and the cops are in the wrong!?

The end result if they keep going down this road is going to be an emboldened criminal element who will get more brazen and more violent. And when the pendulum swings back from that we’re gonna see a much more aggressive police force because that’s what it’s going to take to bring things under control.

I dont get why you’d drop charges against him. If anything, they should be charging cops with excessive force. Didnt watch video but I dont get why stuff like this results in dropped charges rather than keeping the charges and then additionally charging the cops.

Not when the dude has a fucking loaded weapon on his person…

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You forgot that they have to yell, “I can’t breathe!” at least 20 times no matter what.

Like I said, I didnt watch the video. Just arguing why excessive force (if it were indeed excessive force, if he had a weapon on him then I say its not), why would you drop charges instead of charging the cops with excessive in addition? Why does use of excessive force make it ok to drop charges?

In the current political climate and in a Democrat controlled city and with a Democrat controlled federal government do you really need that question answered?