charging bison

This last week from april 30-may 7 there was an urban exercise in the city of winnipeg canada.Member from the canadian 38th brigade and the u.s. national guards train together for urban combat.It was a great learning experience to train along side the americans.I believe the division is called 1st to the 194th(I hope i did not miss that up).We were very impress with the combat tactics that the americans were using.I got to met some great people from the minnasota national guards.All i can say is to the guys on the underground, is you would of be proud of the way they proformed and they represented your country very well.We also had the media follow us around.One thing i learned from the media is,even if they are around on your patrol they can screw up what actually happens.I learned from the american troops that down in the states the media are called vultrues,and i see why.