Charity Seminar NJ - Please Help By Jason Scully

If you want to get right to the details go to:

This Saturday May 12th I am having a very special seminar/training
day for every single person who can make it.

This whole week I have been working hard to raise money for
those who are VERY sick with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis
which effects 70,000 children and young adults on average. It
is a disease that makes every single day FROM BIRTH a struggle
both physically and mentally.

The average person lives till about 40 years old and many do
not make it out of their childhood years.

I have a friend who is very close with an awesome little 6 year
old who has Cystic Fibrosis and he is a fighter! Just like us
but he is fighting harder and for his life, every single day.

So this seminar will all go towards helping him and other who
have this terrible physical opponent live a better life and
hopefully help find a cure for this disease that does not have
one yet!

If you want to get right to the details go to:

Here is the thing to, I don't want you to just go to a seminar
and give money and not learning anything. YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING
I can guarantee that 100%! I won't let you leave until you do.

This seminar will be good and it will be fun. I promise.

Plus it will also be a training session where you can train with
people from all over and there ISN'T A TIME LIMIT! Meaning you
can stay as long as you want an train.

AND You can ask as many questions as you want. I will stay until
midnight if I have to helping you with every single problem you
have. This really means a lot. Not to me but the people who
need it the most.

The seminar is only $30 too, so it's really affordable.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...I'm going to be giving away a FREE
Gi, Free Grapplers Guide 2.0 Membership, and Free Tournament
Sponsorship for Life!!

You can get all of the information over at

I really hope you can make it. But if you can't you can still
donate and be able to have a chance to win the prizes anyway.

I'm really excited about this. I'm extremely passionate about
BJJ, but I'm MORE PASSIONATE about helping people live better lives!

Please go to:

Thank you,

Jason Scully
BJJ Black Belt

P.S. I ALWAYS show proof in some way that I donated all funds
because I want you all to know that EVERY PENNY is going to go
to this cause.

---- Specific Detials For Those Who Want Them Now ---

Anthony's Answer Charity Seminar to Raise Funds to Help Those Suffering From Cystic Fibrosis! 100% of ALL of the funds for the seminar will be donated to this very important cause!

Date: Saturday May 12th 2012


Go Getter Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fitness
2nd Floor of Middletown Fire Company Station 8
336 Route 35 South
Red Bank NJ, 07701

Alternate Address: If you are using navigation or google maps it might be best to use this address (It's the house across the streets – Don't go there though haha)

6 Depauw Street
Middletown, NJ 07701

Start Time: 11:30 am Until The Last Person Leaves!

Contact Phone Number: 732-397-2048

What to Wear? It does not matter if you are wearing gi or no-gi stuff because you will learn something regardless. That is a promise. Bring both though if you want to train both.

Hosted and Taught By Jason Scully: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Over 16 Years Grappling Experience, 2008 Brown Belt World Championship Bronze Medalist, 2009 NY Open Brown Belt Silver Medalist, 2009 ADCC Professional Division Trials Bronze Medalist, 2012 Black Belt No-Gi Pans Bronze Medalist, NAGA Expert Champion, Grapplers Quest Expert Champion, Published on Many Major Grappling/MMA Websites, YouTube Channel In the Top 5 Most Subscribers of All Grappling Channels (

At The Seminar You Are Guaranteed to :

  • Be supplied with a notebook and pen, unless you already bring one
  • Learn something that you can add to your game and this is a 100% guarantee. If you do not learn at least one thing that you can add to your BJJ game then I will return your money and still donate what you donated on your behalf
  • Be able to train and roll with many different Grapplers who you don't normally train with
  • Have a chance to win a brand new Gameness Air gi ($119 value)
  • Have a chance to win a 1 year membership to Grapplers Guide 2.0 ($360 value)
  • Have a chance to win a sponsorship for life to The Challenge Grappling tournaments (Increasing value)

This Seminar Will Contain:
  • Concepts and principle all Grapplers can use (About 1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Unlimited live rolling and training time (After instructional portion. Stay until you can't stay anymore)
  • Unlimited Q and A after training. If you need help with something that wasn't covered just ask. I will stick around until midnight if I need to.

Cost: $30 for preregistration or $40 for registration at the door (CASH ONLY) (Additional donations above the asking donations are very welcome as well)
NOTE: If each attendee supplies a valid e-mail address I will e-mail them with proof that all funds were donated to the Cystic Fibrosis cause.

Go to: to donate and register for the seminar  


 Already raised $632 in a few hours!  You can see list of donors on the website

Going to try and make it for sure if not I will definatly donate to the cause, good luck.

PittBJJ - Going to try and make it for sure if not I will definatly donate to the cause, good luck.

 Thank you very much!

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 So far raised about $900 before the seminar has even happened yet and it looks like we are going to have a pretty good turnout as well...if you are in the NJ, NY, PA, De area please come by and train! It's going to be a great time I promise and it's for a great cause. We are going to get some good training in as well.

Over $1,000 now before the event even happens yet! This is going to be a great time!

Please go to the Facebook event and share the link if you are in NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD
Click Here - BJJ For Charity - Help 6 Year Old AJ and Others With Cystic Fibrosis.